• Publish Your Music
    Publish Your Music

    On iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Last.fm and over 100 other stores.

  • Promote Your Music
    Promote Your Music

    Through social networks, video, and newsletters.

  • Professional Help
    Professional Help

    From our technical and marketing managers.

Worldwide Distribution

Distribute your content using our unique network to over 100 digital services worldwide.

Our label managers will optimize your presence on distribution services, as well as handle day-to-day operations.

Marketing Team

A dedicated team of professionals will help you market your brand and create commercial release strategies.

Our marketing team work to secure key visibility and exclusive partnerships on the most important services worldwide.

Content Manager

Upload and manage your own music and videos, or have our team do it for you.

Our content managers will check your releases against techinical specifications, as well as answer any technical questions you may have.

2014 Nomination

Congratulations Care, on your 2014 GMA Covenant Award nomination for The Light of Christmas.